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A Rahab Bible Study

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A Rahab Bible Study

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Are you curious about the story of Rahab in the Bible?

A Rahab Bible Study is a vivid, unfiltered, Scripture-based digital study of the Rahab Bible story and its connection to the love of God and the grace of the gospel.

Through A Rahab Bible Study You'll Get:

  • 6 days of exploration through Rahab's story.
  • Explore Rahab Bible verses in context without the fluff.
  • Thoughtful commentary.
  • Historical facts and trivia
  • A solid Scripture trail.
  • Daily Study questions.
  • Daily note-taking pages and space in the columns of the study for

A Rahab Bible Chapter Summary:

Lesson 1 - Marked

Explore the culture of Canaan and how it impacted Rahab and other women and children.

Lesson 2 - Jericho

Revisit Rahab's first encounter with Israel's men, what it led up to, and what came out of it.

Lesson 3 - Freedom

Learn how Scripture describes Rahab, her heart, and her desire for freedom.

Lesson 4 - Redemption

Witness God's ability to bring good from the harshness of Rahab's life.

Lesson 5 - Grafted

Study the gift of a new identity in Christ and the spirit of adoption witnessed in Rahab's life.

Lesson 6 - Eternity

Learn how Rahab's freedom and the restoration of Jerich foreshadow the hope of life forever in God's kingdom.

This digital Rahab Bible study serves as both a digital and printable Bible study guide.

The questions can be printed on their own as a Bible study printable.

Print it all together (study, questions, and notes pages) and put it in a binder to create your own Bible study notebook. There is additional space in the columns of the study for you to write bible study notes as you go.

This study is for you if you're eager to learn more about women of the Bible or enjoy a good Bible character study.

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