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Guide to Using Bible Color Codes! Color Code Bookmarks Included!

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Learn how to study the Bible in context, with intention, and with a splash of color!

Do you want to learn how to study the Bible for yourself? Are you looking for simple ways to retain what you learn so you can actually apply it to the life that you're living?

Vibrant Bible Study Guide is our simple approach to teaching Bible study methods that stick! We'll guide you through:

  • How to study the Bible intentionally
  • Simple and diverse strategies for highlighting in your Bible
  • Must ask questions for solid Bible study
  • How to connect the Bible to the life you're living today
  • Basic Bible Study Habits
  • How to keep Bible study practical and personal without losing sight of the Big picture message of the Bible.

What's Inside?

  • A completer guide to highlighting in your Bible
  • Original "Let's Talk Bible Study" Study Key
  • DIY Study Key Template
  • DIY Inductive Bible Study Key
  • Daily Bible Study Worksheet
  • Daily Notes Template
  • A link to a Bible HIghlighting Screensaver!

*This is a digital product. The sales of all digital products are final.*

Physical Copies of the Vibrant Bible Study Journal are available on Amazon!

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2 PDF containing the Vibrant Bible Study workbook, 3 printable study keys, 2 Bible study/notes templates, and a hyperlink to the Bible Highlighting Screensaver


Guide to Using Bible Color Codes! Color Code Bookmarks Included!

0 ratings
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